Illegal Weapon Taken From A Birmingham 'Football Thugs Alliance' Goon

Yesterday's Neo Nazi Rally in Birmingham got lively mid-afternoon. As about 3000 thugs from a variety of groups merged into one mass of hate, police stepped in to separate and contain.

The goons were from the 'Lads Alliance', the 'True Lads Alliance', the 'Democratic Lads Alliance' (yes, they've splintered already) with a spattering of 'For Britain', EDL and Ukip. Oh, and Half Pint Hate Preacher Tommy Robinson popped up too. As he does.

You'll know the various 'Lads Alliance' groups as the ones who called for the assassination of Jeremy Corbyn and Diane Abbot. Yes, the ones who openly supported the actions of terrorist Darren Osborne, who was jailed for life for driving a van into a random crown of muslims outside a mosque at Finsbury Park.

During a scuffle between the rivals groups of the 'Lads Alliance' we found ourselves in the middle. As we turned to back away we knocked an item out of the hand of a very angry man with a Newcastle Football Shirt. Looking down, as he scuttled away, we saw an item on the ground. It looked like a package canister from a well known brand of vaping fluid. We picked it up.

Ten minutes later in a local cafe we examined it. Our Electronics Geek was on hand as always (we depend on him a lot). He knew exactly what it was. It was a home-made tazer.

This sort of thing is easily made for less than a tenner if you know how. Just the thing for a racist thug to carry on a 'non-violent' demonstration, eh? Our geek with the multitester reckoned it put out a heck of a punch.

The switch was damaged so we separated that and popped on two mini bulldog clips for testing, right there in the cafe. Here's it working ...

After dissassembling, where we'd handled the interior parts with gloves, we put all the parts in a plastic baggie and passed it to the nearest officer, with our business cards.

Hopefully there should be decent dabs on the components for a conviction.