Brexit Truth Slowly Emerges As UK Economy Nose-Dives

Those who wanted to Remain in Europe constantly stated one reason : The Economy.

We are inter-dependent on the EU - they are both our suppliers, our customers.

And no-one - literally no-one - has any foggiest idea of what the 'Trading Relationship' will be after we depart. British businesses are unable to plan for the future because we don't know. 

Is it any wonder, then, that the British Economy is tanking ?

"UK economy suffers weakest period of GDP growth in five years"

"Pound slides as UK growth slows to brink of stagnation"

"Banks push back Bank of England rate forecasts after growth data shock"

"Pound sterling hits two-month low over government instability and disappointing economic data"

We Remainers didn't want this. We do not celebrate it. We fought against it. And we take no pleasure in being right.