If Amber Rudd Was Too Inexperienced For The Job, Who Appointed Her ?

After the resignation of Amber Rudd, many have since come to her defence in praise.

Former Minister Nicky Morgan called her "talented and decent".

Sadly Rudd was neither talented enough to do the job, nor decent enough to resign when she should have done.
A more common theme, in particularly expressed by the Independent's John Rentoul, who on BBC made the statement ('The Papers' 29/4/2018) that what brought Rudd down was ...

"... her 'inexperience'."

So ... not her incompetence or lying, then? Okay, for the sake or argument, let's go with 'inexperience'.

Rudd Gone. Who's Fault?
In which case ... who appointed such an inexperienced person to the third most important and senior Government Job in the Country?

Who's appalling error of judgement lead to this chaos?

The 'inexperience' defense is poorly thought out, as it simply shifts focus from Amber Rudd to the person responsible.

Prime Minister Theresa May.