Incompetence ? Or Lying To Parliament ? Either Way, Amber Rudd Is Gone

Three days is an awful long time in politics these days. Home Secretary Amber Rudd has finally quit over the Windrush Scandal, just ~72 hours after saying she clearly wouldn't.

She lied to Parliament. She lied to a Commons Select Committee. She lied to the Media. On each occasion she has claimed that it was 'inadvertent', that she had no knowledge of the Targets.

That she was so unaware, in itself, is a resignation matter, if only for incompetence.

The last straw?

From journalist Tom Newton Dunn of the Sun:

"Rudd rang [the] PM this evening to insist she would have to go for 'inadvertently misleading Parliament'. A Home Office document check over the weekend has proved there were deportation targets, but she didn't know about them."

Life comes at you fast.
And the best response on Twitter was this beauty ...