Our Heros, Villains and Laughs For The Month - March 2018

Heros Of The Month

Parkland Survivor Emma Gonzales - American activist and advocate for gun control.

As one of the key drivers behind the Youth Movement against lax gun laws in Florida and the USA in general, and perhaps the most recognisable, she has been a target from day one.

And she's been an easy target for the Far Right, not just the usual Social Media trolls but the Right Wing media, too. Her sexual preference, her Mexican heritage and her forthrightness have singled her out as the potential 'weak link.'
Not a bit of it. She's the strongest. They picked on the wrong person.

They even tried the usual fake memes, and got busted. No, she didn't rip up the Constitution, she ripped up a 'gun target'.

Honourable Mentions ...

Arnaud Beltrame, who died saving hostages’ lives at a supermarket siege in Trebes, France, after volunteering to take the place of a female hostage being held by the suspected Islamist gunman Radouane Lakdim, who had already killed three people.
Artist Chris Newson, who created this snow sculpture of homelessness as the weather turned. As the flurries passed, the sculpture melted away, sadly like many people's temporary interest in the subject. But it lived for a few days.

Actor Alec Baldwin recently infamous for his brilliant portrayals of Trump on Saturday Night Live, with this slam-dunk reply to the Donald's criticism of him. It was the comeback of the month.

Villains Of The Month

Britain First, who finally got their 'comeuppance' and were found guilty of religeously aggravated harassment and finally jailed. Cue celebrations from us and many others as Golding and Fransen's long-overdue incarceration began.

And suddenly the often thrown 'Victory' symbols seem both funny and rather sad now ...

Honourable Mentions ...

The self-styled 'Football Lads Alliance' which may or may not have started out with innocent enough intentions, exposed as simply another Extreme Right Wing Street Gang, with reports of death threats against Jeremy Corbyn, Sadiq Khan and Diane Abbott.
German Neo Nazi Terrorist Group 'Freital' who finally were brought to trial, found guilty of Terrorism offences and jailed for long sentences. There are still three other ongoing NeoNazi Terror Trials ongoing in Germany, not that you're reading much about them.

White Supremacist and former Trump 'Advisor', Steve Bannon, who finally let it all hang out on his 'Right Wing Tour of Europe Roadshow', stating: "Let them call you racists. Wear it as a badge of honor."

Laughs Of The Month

To the Scientists who discovered this new species of 'Neopalpa' Moth ... with a very white body, orange hair, a tiny penis, and which goes round in circles when stressed .. and called it, for eternity ... 'neopalpa donaldtrumpi'.

Now that's trolling.

Honourable Mentions ...

Little Stephen Yaxley-Lennon (aka Tommy Robinson aka Andrew McMaster aka Paul Harris aka what now?) who finally got kicked off Twitter and began (of course) whingeing about 'Freeze Peaches' or something by 'freely speaking' about it.

This Tweet of the Month by Jim Felton, after Farage and Rees-Smug threw dead fish into a river as a 'protest'.

"A bunch of old bigots throwing something good away for no reason whatsoever other than drawing attention to themselves. As Brexit metaphors go it's a little on the nose."

And Yet Another Crying Nazi as Frederick Sorrell of Portland, Oregon, charged with Islamophobic Hate Crimes, broke down outside the court and wept floods of tears. We have little sympathy. Actually, none at all, it was hilarious. The video just has to be watched.