This 'Day For Freedom' Thing - UPDATED

Various notorious 'personalities' - mainly on the Far Right Wing - are planning a March in London on May 6th to protest against what they see as 'Restriction on Free Speech'.

(They are of course, ironically, allowed to do so, because of Free Speech.)

A brief glance at some of the vile persons involved tells you their agenda.

Tommy Robinson, described by UK Counter-Terrorism Police as an 'inciter of hatred, violence and terrorism'.

Milo Yiannopoulos, the 'darling' of the 'Alt-Right', friend of White Supremacists, shameless self-promoter, paedophile defender and former Breitbart 'writer'.

Raheem Kassam, failed Ukip Leader Candidate and editor of Breitbart London, promoting and publishing hordes of false stories, usually about migrants, muslims and refugees.

Martin Sellner, leader of European Paramilitary Far Right Group 'Generation Identity', banned from the UK for 'likelihood to incite racial hatred'. Has declared war on Muslims.


By 'Free Speech' ... these people mean 'Freedom to Incite Racial and Faith-Based Hatred Without Risk Of Prosecution.'

Well ... Not on our watch.

Thankfully British Law - particularly the the RRHA Act in 2006, passed with cross-party support - state that there is, and always will be, a line which cannot be crossed. Most Democratic First World nations have such laws, as they should do. It's the sign of a mature society.

We're pretty sure, of course, that not all involved in this endeavour are such extremists, but if more moderate 'activists' choose to align themselves with these types of people, expect a severe push-back.

You are judged by the company you keep - and those whos platforms you share.

[Post Event]

The 'Day For Freedom' took place, and the expected happen.
  • The Freedomers were joined by (and welcomed) multiple Anti-Islamic Hate Groups ...
  • The Speeches were mainly about Muslims ...
  • The Football Thugs Alliance turned up and started chanting (we knew they would) their usual Anti Muslim chants ... 
  • A muslim who attended was attached and beaten for the crime of 'speaking' ...
  • An invited attendee - another muslim - had his invitation rescinded after he'd turned up to speak on 'Free Speech' ...
  • The Far Right blamed and attacked each other in the days afterward, with torrents of threats, intimidation and claims of 'plants', 'traitors' and 'informers' ...
  • And as such , the 'Free Speech' event was exposed for what it was, just another opportunity to hate Muslims.