US White Supremacist Richard Spencer Puts Out The begging Bowl For 'Lawyering Up'

The notorious Richard Spencer is asking his fans - and there are many - to chip in $25,000 for his legal fight over the “Unite the Right” Charlottesville Rally, Right Wing Watch reported.

The event ended in the vehicular murder of a young woman by James Fields, a member of 'Vanguard America', a White Nationalist Group often used by Spencer for 'security roles'.

Spencer is the 'Alt-Right’s most prominent spokesman' according to himself, and has been banned from 26 separate nations for his vile views. He's welcome in fewer and fewer places and his heavily publicised 'events' attract a rapidly dwindling crowd.

And he needs a new lawyer ,,, because his prior one dumped him.

“Some of the biggest and baddest law firms in the United States are suing me, along with some other prominent figures, in civil court”, he stated in an online plea.

Well, good. It's called 'Rule of Law'. Dry your tears, Spency.

Oh, and we couldn't dare mention Spencer without dropping this in, could we? Perish the thought !