After 100 Death Threats, Jonathan Jennings Beats Them All

Oh, we get a lot of threats. Seems the Far Right hate us - so we must be doing something right - but they also seem to hate out children and families. Ever wonder why most of us choose to remain anonymous? This.

Jonathan Jennings. On bail.
Recently we celebrated (not sure if that's the right word) 100 Death Threats. and here's 101, to top them all.

Swansea's Jonathan Jennings - currently on bail awaiting trial on 10 rather serious charges - is rather a nasty Ukip type, who loves to wear purple seemingly every day. And he's dropped a few threats on us before ('slitting our throats' seems be be a thing with him.)

So here's his latest, sent directly to us (mentioning another campaign group and an individual as well, which we've redacted)

Jennings is of course currently banned from all Social Media, but this doesn't include email, apparently, according to Dyfed Powys police, who chose not to re-arrest him over this.

One of Jennings' previous
'I'll slit your throats'
communiques to us.
Puzzled? We certainly were. But at least Dyfed Powys and The Met have logged our charge, with evidence, and we look forward to giving evidence when the case comes up. Should be worth a year or two in jail for him, going by past sentences.

But he hasn't been re-arrested to date. One wonders what it'll will take to prevent another Jo Cox.