Brexit and Small Business .. The Forecoming Threat

How #Brexit is affecting small businesses, from one of our Moderators, who owns and runs one ...

As a businessman who imports and exports motorcycle parts, spares and accessories to and from the EU, here's a little insight on #Brexit and Trade.

My EU wholesalers who buy my goods to sell on, are concerned, as we all are, about future tariffs, taxes, logistics and documentation. Does any one know what will happen ?

No. Even at this late stage, no-one has a clue. (although here's a hint from someone in a similair situation.

Many contracts are due for renewal soon. In the main, they are choosing to hold off until there is more clarity. And we don't see that coming any time soon. Business is effectively in limbo, waiting to find out, as we have been for over a year.

What will my prices be in late 2019 ? What will my logistic chain be like ? What documentation, what paperwork, what clearances ?

And EU Companies which produce similair items - even at a slightly higher price - will benefit from that very simplicity of 'free movement of goods' that we will likely lose.

A key point is this : EU Nations see Britain as having rejected Europe after decades of insulting them with false myths. Fine, they say. We'll buy elsewhere. They'd rather buy internally. It's just simpler, more stable and far more predictable. We turned our backs on them ... and now it's their turn to do the same to us, economically.

Meanwhile the items I import, thanks to the collapse of the £GBP, have to be marked up, pricewise, for my UK customers. This is the reality of UK businesses with #Brexit.

So if you want to know why these are suddenly more expensive, that's the reason.