For Britain Nazi Holocaust Denier Candidate Scrapes 13th Place

The Ukip 'spin-off' 'party', the Islamophobic Hate Group For Britain, made outrageous claims of pending success in advance of the Local Council elections in (mainly) England.

In cold, hard reality, their best result was a distant third for ex Ukip's Steve Latham, a Kalergi Conspiracy Theorist (who they said would win!), more often 4th or 5th.

But their stand-out result tells you a great deal about what the Party actually represents.

In Leeds, local 'For Britain' Candidate Stuart Nicholson came 13th out of 13 candidates.

Nicholson's Avatar
He's a Holocaust Denier and his Social Media Timeline is (actually, was, he's now banned) filled with Racism and Nazi imagery. His Social Media Avatar is an old Nazi poster.

From his previous posts: 

“National Socialism is the alternative to degeneracy we currently face. It is a pathway to freedom and prosperity. It is an escape from Jewish Tyranny. It is the Future of our people.”

Clearly For Britain have a short lifespan with candidates of this calibre.