Our Heros, Villains and Laughs For The Month - April 2018

Heros Of The Month - Four Cross Party MPs

A few people (among many) who are putting Country before Party, and who took part in the launch of The People's Vote, the huge campaign to demand a Vote on the actual Referendum Deal, when it comes. If it comes.

From left to right (physically, not politically .. although now you mention it ...) Caroline Lucas (Green Party), Layla Moran (Liberal Democrat Party), Chuka Umunna (Labour Party) and Anna Soubry (Conservatives Party. 

Whatever your opinion on Brexit, no one would disagree that it's a big deal. And not a done deal. The People's Vote aim to ensure a final vote on Brexit deal because after the numerous and freely admitted lies by the Brexit Campaign, that's actually ... Democratic.

Oh, and we got to finally meet Anna Soubry in person and she's actually rather charming.

See our video of their welcome and opening statements.

Honourable Mentions ...

Yvette Cooper, Chair of the Commons Home Affairs Committee who's effective pressing of former Home Secretary Amber Rudd directly led to the statements over which Rudd subsequently resigned. Select Committees are highly effective when run properly. Here she is waving goodbye to Amber.
The Sleeping Giants Campaigners, fearless against advertisers who spend money on Right Wing Hatred-Generating Breitbart News. They have convinced so many 1000s of advertisers to spend their budgets elsewhere, Breitbart is noticeably feeling the pinch. Hat tip also to Stop Funding Hate. We're big fans of both.

The Unknown Person who correctly decided that Britain First's jailed Jayda Fransen was an extremist and should be enrolled on the 'Prevent' Programme. Oh, she must be loving it. Stilll, gives her something to do. Oh, and this also has repercussions of monitoring when she gets out.

Villain Of The Month - Paul Joseph Watson

The loathsome Watson aka Prison Planet, Far Right Conspiracy Theory 'writer', spreader of such myths (he calls it news) as 'XBox can see your Penis', and a major part of fake news site InfoWars ('Hidden bases on Mars', 'All Mass shootings are Hoaxes' 'Gay chemicals in the water' etc.) He's also close friends with top aides at Ukip and Westmonster, such as Heaver and Jukes.

His crime this month? Jumping to blame the Toronto Attack on Muslims and refusing to retract when proven wrong.

The attack was incited by Mysogynistic Extremism - 'Incel' - which ironically is a subject solitary Paul knows well. When it comes to 'Involuntary Celibacy', Watson is a notable veteran.

Honourable Mentions ...

Gary Jones, the new Editor-in-Chief, of the Daily and Sunday Express. After describing previous Front Pages as 'downright offensive, I wouldn't want to be a party to any newspaper that would publish such material' there has in fact been very little change in their Editorial Policy that we can see.
Kathy Gyngell of Group 'The Conservative Woman'. After endorsing a hoax by the jailed AntiSemite Joshua Bonehill - because it was about one of her favourite targets, Diane Abbott - she tried to do a 'Katie Hopkins' and slide out an apology at 3.00am.

Trump, who declined to install sprinklers or working smoke alarms in his building in New York. Result - a serious fire, one man dead, six firefighters injured. All avoidable ... but Donald has a long history of safety-bypassing, cost-cutting and profit-maximising.

Laugh Of The Month - 'The Football Lads Alliance'

Quite a busy month for the Far Right Street Thugs Gang. In no particular order ...

They had a failed street event in Birmingham which led to complaints from their own supporters of racist chants ...
Were forced to shut down their Twitter account and Facebook pages ...
Had their leader quit over a donation row...
And key officials are still looking for a missing £24,500.

'FLA' have now split to various offshoots, including the 'True FLA' and the 'Democratic FLA'. Soon to come, we expect, the 'Provisional FLA', the 'Real FLA' and FLA Light Formerly Known As EDL'.

Oh, and nobody knows who's in charge any more. Could well be Frank Portinari, the former UDA Terrorist, seen with a senior role in Birmingham.

The 'FLA' have been exposed as just another Racist Islamophobic Street Gang.

Honourable Mentions ...

Conservatives in Haringey, who are looking for a new Social Media Manager after a cockup of epic proportions. They lifted the content of a rival Labour Party tweet word for word, with a few edits ... but they missed changing one thing. See here :-)

Finland Politician Olli Sademies, who's conviction for Racist Hate Speech was upheld despite an appeal. He'd called for 'blacks to be sterilised'. Another totally gorgeous example of that Aryan Master Race Perfection ... If there's one set of DNA that should perhaps be removed from the gene pool, it's his.

The comedians at 'Defend Europe', the same people who tried to sabotage Humanitarian Rescue efforts in the Meditteranean and had to be rescued themselves. They tried to form a 'border' in the Alps to stop migrants, claimed success, then realised they were in the wrong valley. Big place, the Alps.

And lastly, Milo. Poor, poor Milo. Very poor, actually. After being shouted out of a New York Bar by local Democrats to the tune of 'Get Out, Nazi Scum', it was revealed that his big Media Empire plans had come to nothing, with lay-offs before he even got going, as well as more questions about missing charity cash.