The Strange Case Of Two Tories - Itrat Ali & Bernard McGuin - UPDATED

Aka, "Would the Real Tory Party Please Stand Up?"

Here's Itrat Ali - itratali1 on Twitter. A Conservative Candidate for Huddersfield in the last but one General Election, and very active in campaigning in the last GE. We actually like her. She's firmly against Racism and Islamophobia.

She retweets posts about @MuslimsForBritain, and various other accounts concerned with the lives of all muslims in this country. She even reposts various Anti-Racism and Anti-Islamophobia accounts, like @TellMAMAUK, @WomenDefyHate and, yes, us.

She was a childhood friend of Jo Cox, the Labour MP who was murdered by a Far Right Fanatic. They actually used to walk to school together.

In the 2015 Election, she came 2nd, 8000 votes behind.

So it's surprising then - shocking, actually - that the Deputy Chair of her local Conservative Association in Huddersfield is one of the worst openly Racist, Muslim-Hating Bigots we've come across. Right there almost at the top of her local Branch.

So, here's Bernard McGuin. The very epitome of Tory Gammon - middle-aged, male and full of hate.

He's @terrierfree on Twitter.

As a Councillor, he won the Almondbury Ward for the Tories in 2016 in Kirklees.

He's also the Deputy Chairman of the local Huddersfield Conservatives Association, and according to him, Muslims are Fascist Murdering Bastards. He doesn't state which Muslims. Apparently all of them, as far as we can see.

[Oh, look he's deleted it. Here's a screenshot. We always have a screenshot.]

Surely after such comments, McGuin would have suspended, even kicked out of the Conservative Party altogether? Apparently not so.

Okay, so that was back in 2014. But in 2015, his Association backed Itrat Ali - a muslim woman - for General Election Candidate. McGuinn even endorsed her. Twice.

Clearly he's still top of the food chain in the Local Tories - and listed as such in their Official "WebSite" .. although, to be fair, to call it such would be a travesty.

Oh, and he doesn't believe that Food banks actually exist, even though usage has risen sharply under this Tory Austerity Policy.

As he's Deputy Chair of her local Association, Itrat Ali must know him well. She has to. And his views. But we've scoured everywhere and cannot find a single instance where she has commented on it or criticised. Not once.

As anti-racist as she is ... we can only assume she chose to be blind to it - literally on her own doorstep, in her own local party.

McGuin remains in a very senior position in this Conservative Branch. And it seems from contact we've have with locals, his views on Muslims (and Immigrants in general) are well known. The Huddersfield Tories can't be blind to this.

The question remains - which is the real Huddersfield Conservatives ?

The one who has Bernard McGuin as Deputy Chair ?

Or the one who selected Itrat Ali as a Candidate for MP ?

And when you answer that, you might apply the same question to the Conservatives nationwide - a blend, it seems, of racist bigots in authority, and useful minority candidates who they hold such hatred for.

Perhaps Julian Smith, current Tory Chief Whip, or Brandon Lewis, Chairman of the Party, can tell us ?

And meanwhile perhaps they can explain why they choose, constantly, repeatedly, to ignore - and cover up - such bigotry and hatred within their party.


In a response to our piece, McGuin claimed that he was merely referring to ISIS. His post does not state so, and the thread does not indicate so. We'd like to ask Mr McGuin further about this, but in the spirit of open debate, he blocked us without further comment.

In a response from Itrat Ali, she stated:
"Totally disgusted if this is true !!! As a member of Dewsbury conservative, urge Huddersfied members to take appropriate action, racism is not acceptable in any form or towards any individual."
We couldn't agree more.


We've since posted a few more of McGuin's hate-filled tweets,

.. where he stated Baroness Warsi 'ticked all the boxes' - "A Northerner, a woman, an asian" .. despite his local General Election Candidate being a Northerner, a woman, and an asian."

.. and where he stated that Nelson Mandela was a "terrorist".

... and where he cheered on Tommy Robinson, the racist thug described by the Head of Counter Terrorism as 'an inciter of Far Right Terrorism'. 

Unsurprisingly, he's blocked us, but of course we still see him from other accounts.

Unsurprisingly (2) .. no action from the Tories HQ.


McGuin has today (May 16th) been suspended by his Party 'pending Investigations'.


McGuin was reinstated - surprise, surprise - shortly after his faux suspension.