Tommy Robinson Arrested Again Today In Leeds - UPDATED

For someone so concerned with British Law, the Half-Pint Hate Preacher seems to break it a lot. He was arrested today in Leeds outside a court where a trial is taking place, for Breach of the Peace and Incitement.

He posted a live video on his Facebook stream ... while being arrested. (See foot of post for video.)

He of course immediately launched into his "Dind't Do Nuffink, Guv" routine while asking an officer who explained the charges, continuously, "What does that mean?"
Or more accurately, "Wazzat min? Wazzat min? Wazzat min? Wazzat min?"

C'mon, Robinson. You should know this drill by heart now. You've been here often enough.

Robinson's Criminal Record.
So far.
He's currently on a suspended sentence for similair offenses and he could well go down for this. Our legal beagles say that it's almost a certainty.

This would his fifth jail term, unless we've missed one in his early days.

For a 'Patriot' he does seem to have an inability to obey - or a worrying disregard for - the laws of our nation.

Or, as he would say himself ...

"If you can't obey our laws maybe you don't deserve to be in our country."

Just a few days ago in the same city, Leeds, there was another serious paedophile case.

Keith Morris was found guilty of 11 charges and is due to be sentenced on July 17, 2018. 

Keith Morris is a white Christian. That might have something to do withYaxley not being there.

As Robinson is on a Suspended Sentence, he's been dragged into court immediately. Adjourned twice so far today. Case was closed at just before 2.30pm.