Tommy Robinson / Yaxley-Lennon Jailed ...

After our earlier story in which we detailed how Robinson got himself arrested again -- while on a suspended sentence from the last time -- rumours are circulating that :
  1. Robinson has now officially broken the terms of that suspended sentence;
  1. He's been given his 13 month custodial sentence with immediate effect;
  1. There are reporting restrictions on the case.

Bearing in mind that this 'news' is only sourced from his fellow Hate Preachers, Caolan Rob and Lauren Southern, neither adverse to multiple porkies, we have our doubts about the validity of these reports.

But it does seem logical that it would be so. We shall hold off on the celebrations until it's confirmed.

Meanwhile, we are unaware of any 'reporting restrictions' despite asking the court for information, with no reply, and thus, we shall continue to update as and when we can.

Seems strange that in particular, Caolan Robertson's post was repeated across so many accounts and platforms, 100s of them ... and then deleted by him.

But Lauren Southern's post remains.

The important legal bit

It all seems to have (if it did) happened rather fast (if it did). For clarity, we read up and summarise the procedure here, paraphrased from The Secret Barrister :
  • The procedure for a court dealing with a criminal contempt is set out in the Criminal Procedure Rules.
  • These allow for a “summary procedure”, where the court, having made its enquiries and offered a contemnor the chance to seek legal advice, can deal with the offender straight away.
  • The Crown Court can commit a contemnor to prison for up to two years.
  • As for the sentence Lennon received, a suspended sentence order means that, for the duration of the “operational period” – in this case 18 months – the prison sentence hangs over you.
  • If you remain offence-free and comply with any requirements the court makes, you will never have to serve your sentence. If you reoffend, the presumption in law is that you will serve that prison sentence, additional to whatever sentence you receive for the new offence.
  • So if, hypothetically, you received a suspended sentence for contempt and then went and did something identical that threatened to derail or interfere with the fairness of or otherwise prejudice a live criminal case, you could expect to have your suspended sentence activated, and a consecutive added for the new infringement.
Again, we don't say this DID happen ... we're saying IF IT DID, this is why.

And either way, there is a rumour - just a hint, from poor sources - that there are reporting restrictions. We'll not be silent about this case, but we have to be careful how we word things.