Trump ... The 'DealMaker' ... No, Not Really

Donald Trump - the self-styled "Great Dealmaker" - has spent most of his presidency so far going back on agreements the previous administration made with the world. Just, well, because he's determined to undo anything that Obama laid a hand on, ever.

The Paris Accord ? Nope.

The Iran Deal ? Uh-uh.

Environmental Protection ? Child Labour Laws ? Pfft. All going.

Press Freedom ? If you print nasty things about him, he'll take your White House passes away.

Net Neutrality ? Say goodbye to that, soon.

NAFTA ? Trump will decide on June 1st but it's probably screwed.

And lots more already, with even more to come. If Obama went within 20 feet if a paper, it's automatically labelled 'bad' and rescinded or junked.

All the while he's trying to strike a deal with North Korea. "Sure, Kim" .. he'll say, "You can trust me, you can trust America - when did we ever renege on a deal?"

It's a strange world indeed when North Korea wonders whether it can trust America, instead of the other way around.

But that's where we're at.