Ukip - Officially Dead

Ukip 'Leader' Batten with
Terrorist Inciter Robinson
From last night's Local Election Results, it's clearer than ever (if there's been any doubt for several years) that Ukip is a spent force.

Losing a half-dozen seats is careless. Losing over 100 seats (so far, votes still coming in) is end game, with no MPs and MEPs to lose their jobs shortly.

The message is clear. Britain is shouting: "Ukip? You're done."

And while the Results were no joyous news for any party, it's clear that leader (unelected) Gerard Batten's pledge to take the Party even more 'Hard Right' ... we wonder how many seats that lost them.

We imagine that support from Far Right Terrorism Inciter Tommy Robinson didn't help.

He claimed he was voting Ukip, although interestingly, there were no Ukip Candidates in his area ... as there were no Local Elections in his area. Poor confused Tommy.

Does this mean we'll take our eyes off them? Not a chance. Parodying and taking the piss out of Ukip is too much fun, even with their glorious demise.