Ukip's Bill Etheridge Loses Council Seat

In Dudley, where Ukip MEP Bill Etheridge was 'double-jobbing' as both MEP and Councillor (as so many Kippers do, must be those double expenses claims) ... sad news.

Sorry, not sad. Hilarious. That's it.

He's lost his Council Seat. He didn't even come second, slipping to a poor third.

Afterwards, he went on to whinge that UKIP was "obliterated" at the Local Elections yesterday - and promised to "quit politics within the year if there wasn’t a change in the UKIP leadership."

Etheridge is a strange one. He's actually expressed his outrage often enough against the hatred in his party ... yet chooses stays in place. Rather a mix of honesty and careerism.

A lot of the credit here has to go to the local Hope Not Hate Campaign with 100s of volunteers spreading the message. Bravo, chaps !!