Lord Sugar's Racism - Denial, Denial, Denial, Denial, Denial ... Apology

Outright Racism today from Lord Sugar, comparing the Senegal Football Team to tat-sellers on the beach.

It kicked off a storm, as expected.

This is not his first scrape on Twitter. You'll recall that Sugar was one of those who added his voice to the accusations of AntiSemitism against the Labour Party not so long ago, comparing Corbyn to Hitler.

So, today it began with this :

Cue the deluge. At first - and second, third, fourth, Sugar stoutly defended his post.

Finally, after stating that he 'couldn't see what he had to apologise for', he apologised ..

Got there in the end, then, Alan. Well done, you.

It seems that outright Racism is a job requirement of being Head of 'The Apprentice', whether UK or USA.

If this had been an #AntiSemitic tweet - by another about the #Israel Football Team - Sugar would have gone apoplectic. And he knows it.

Plus ... the incident comes at an awkward time for the BBC. The corporation has just today launched launched new diversity guidelines, which will see a rule introduced to ensure that black and minority ethnic candidates appear on shortlists for senior roles.

Perhaps BBC's first move towards 'diversity' should be to replace Sugar with someone less vile.