Our Heros, Villains and Laughs For The Month - May 2018

Heros Of The Month - The Voters of Ireland

Ireland voted by 66.4% to 33.6% to Repeal the 8th Amendment.
At 64.5%, the turnout was one of the highest ever recorded for a referendum in Ireland and the highest of any referendum since 1992.

The result was a landslide victory for the Yes side, which had led in every opinion poll taken throughout the campaign.

Honourable Mentions ... 
Drugs Manufacturer SanofiUS, who, when American 'comedienne' Roseanne Barr tweeted racist abuse, got her show cancelled, and blamed her medication, posted the perfect comeback. Like many, we're not huge fans of 'Big Pharma' but they did this perfectly.
These young ladies at the Windrush Demonstration in London with the Best TShirt Ever. Shadow Home Secretary Diane Abbot joined the protest to tell crowds that ‘all roads lead back to Theresa May’ regarding Tories’ hostile environment policy." Further images here.
The Designers and Creators of the Official Windrush TShirts, who we wrote about earlier in the month. Designed by Cressida Djambov, all profits from these tees go to Windrush Justice Fund, Runnymede Trust and the Joint Council for the Welfare of Immigrants . They're rather beautiful.
The Daily Mirror, who's clarification on a story after a threat from Katie Hopkin's lawyers was a little piece of perfection. They wrongly claimed she had been detained in South Africa over 'drug use'. She was in fact being held for "spreading racial hatred." The Mirror were indeed, 'happy to set the record straight.’

Austrian Police, who finally got tough on Neo-Fascist Paramilitaries 'Generation Identity',with 17 charges (so far) of various counts of hate speech, criminal association, damage to property and coercion, including its leader Martin Sellner, pictured.
Mathias Edbäck, of Clowns against Racism, who led a protest against Neo-Nazis marching in Sweden and now faces a fine or up to six months in prison for 'failing to get a permit'. In a world so full of hate, Clowns against Racism is a wonderful thing.

Villain Of The Month - Stephen Yaxley-Lennon

Come on, it had to be, right ? :-) Yaxley-Lennon AKA Tommy Robinson AKA Andrew McMaster AKA Paul Harris (and possibly other aliases.

Arrested outside Leeds Crown Court while breaking inplace and published Court Reporting Restrictions.

His previous suspended sentence kicked in and in addition to the original 3 months he received a further 10 months as well. Consecutively.

He will be eligible for parole in January 2019. That's right - He's in jail for Christmas.

So many myths cropped up in the wake of his incarceration that we had to do a Myth-Busting, Question-Answering video. Check it out here.

Dishonourable Mentions ... 

Leave.EU, the Arron Banks-funded, Ukip-heavy Brexit Group, who are now being investigated for Criminal Fraud. In particular, Liz Bilney (pictured), Bank's 'Mini-Me' and cohort in crime, was specifically named as a suspect. Yet another reason to ignore the whole corrupt Brexit process entirely.
New York lawyer Aaron Schlossberg who went on a racist rant in public (not his first) was kicked out of his office building, had a visit from a Mariachi Band, and then grovellingly apologised, kinda. He has not as yet been disbarred, but he's lost a whole load of lucrative clients.
Tories Councillor Bernard McGuin, Deputy Chair of Huddersfield Conservatives, who was suspended after our post on his racist and mysoginist twitter messages. We wait to hear further. He's @terrierfree on Twitter if you feel like asking him about his 1950s values.

Ukip Wales AM Michelle Brown, who was rightly ejected from the Senedd after a racist tirade against Labour MP Chuka Umunna a "fucking coconut". She was not, we note, chastised in any way by her own party.

Alison Chabloz, Holocaust Denier, Nazi Singer, found guilty of three charges posting “grossly offensive” material to YouTube. The CPS had initially refused to act until a private prosecution gained momentum. Sentencing is on 14th of June.
American Evangelist Broadcaster Bryan Fischer, of the AFA, who declared confidently on his radio show that First Amendment Rights under the American Constitution applied to Christians only, and no-one of any other faiths. After further remarks about Hitler and Homosexuals, Fischer was fired by the AFA.

Laughs Of The Month

Ukip, who in the Local Elections lost 97% of their local Councillors up for Election, losing 123 in the end while holding on to just 3.

The party was described by media as 'virtually dead' and 'dying a painful death'.

Jokers on Social Media stated that of course, they at least still have their regular seat on BBC Question Time.

Even better on the same day was their Party General Secretary, Paul Oakley ... who compared his own party to 'The Black Death'.

Honourable Mentions

The whole Gammon thing. Best thread on Twitter since 'Things That Are Not Mosques. It all started when someone noticed that a collage of Tories plants on BBC Question Time were all old, white, very angry and very red-faced men. And it's stuck.
This 'Alt-Right'er in USA who found a Anti-Fascist 'Rainbow' sign and tried to rip it up. And tried. And tried. And really, really, tried hard. Finally failing, he walked off, shamed by taunts of the onlookers. The video is just a must-see.
Melania Trump, who claimed she had created a new Guide to Online Safety for Children, which turned out to be a line-by-line, image-by-image copy of the previous one by Michelle Obama.
Tories Boris Johnson, Brexit'er Extraordinaire, who decided that he needs his own Brexit Plane for all his foreign trips. Suggestions quickly emerged about what to put on the side of it.
Piers Morgan, who got very upset about a Gala at New York’s Metropolitan Museum of Art where the theme was Heavenly Bodies: Fashion and the Catholic Imagination. In spite of the Vatican having given official approval, he tried to explain the role of Catholicism ... to the Pope
And we reached a new milestone - We got our 100th Death Threat !! In all seriousness, this most recent one was credible and is being handled by Counter Terrorism.