The Death Of Palestinian Medic Razan al-Najjar - A War Crime ? Yes

Razan al-Najjar, aged just 21, was an emergency medical aid worker. She was within her territory when she was shot and killed Friday by an Israeli sniper.

She was wearing the white uniform of a medic and was tending to a wounded protester when fired on, according to the New York Times.

US News reported that a Khan Younis hospital representative said she had a “gunshot wound in the chest with an exit wound in the back.

"An hour before dusk on Friday, the 10th week of the Palestinian protest campaign, she ran forward to aid a demonstrator for the last time” the Times wrote. 

The last photo taken of her
Repeat : She was medic, unarmed, wearing a medic's vest. There are few greater callings in a war zone.

In an interview with TRT World Razan al-Najjar said she wanted to “continue helping others till the last day.

She got her wish. To the very last moment.