Bannon’s Right-Wing Foundation Is Planning to Hijack Europe

White Supremacist Steve Bannon is moving to Europe, to set up The Movement, a populist foundation to spark a right-wing revolt across the continent, says The Daily Beast.

The former Trump advisor told The Daily Beast that he is setting up a foundation in Europe called The Movement which he hopes will lead a right-wing populist revolt across the continent starting with the European Parliament elections next spring.

It will be a central source of polling, advice on messaging, data targeting, and think-tank research for a ragtag band of right-wingers who are surging all over Europe, in many cases without professional political structures or significant budgets.

In effect, it will be a Right Wing / Far Right Wing 'Axis', driving and supporting any group, any party, and anyone happy to jump onboard.

As yet there is no clear idea where the funding is coming from.

Over the past year, Bannon has held talks with right-wing groups across the continent from Nigel Farage and members of Marine Le Pen’s Front National in the West, to Hungary’s Viktor Orban and the Polish populists in the East.

The Movement’s headquarters are expected to be located in Brussels, Belgium, where they will start hiring staff in coming months.

The operation is also supposed to serve as a link between Europe’s right-wing movements and the pro-Trump Freedom Caucus in the U.S.

Bannon went to Italy to observe the campaign earlier this year as populist parties surged in the polls despite their tiny operations.
Look at Five Star and the Northern League. They used their own credit cards. They took control of the seventh largest economy in the world - on their credit cards! It's insane.
Bannon said that Nigel Farage and Marine Le Pen would take the lead in figuring out the logistics of creating a new European parliamentary grouping that could be home to all of these parties and more.