Brexit - Our Humiliation Is Painful To Watch

Cartoon by Patrick Blower, Daily Telegraph
Rarely have we been so enfeebled and isolated. The only certainty is a perilous future.
- Nick Cohen, in The Guardian

Nick Cohen, the Observer Columnist, went to town on the future of Brexit in the Guardian today and did not hold back. Some choice excerpts :

It is dangerous to assume the past is superior to the present. After going back through all the crises since the end of the Second World War, however, I cannot find a time when Britain was so out of options and so out of luck.

There was always an escape, however unpalatable. Now, to steal William Hague’s description of the eurozone crisis, Brexit Britain is a burning building with no exits. The alarms ring but no rescuers come.

Remainers have been vindicated on every point.

Politicians across parliament know it but dare not say it. The referendum result prevents them from speaking out, as it prevents them from even having a Mueller-style inquiry into Russian interference in our referendum. You could almost burst out laughing.

Brexit was meant to have been about taking back control; instead, it has produced a country in the grip of an uncontrollable neurosis.

No one – not Jacob Rees-Mogg, Boris Johnson, Theresa May or Jeremy Corbyn – can tell the public the truth that we either stay so closely aligned to the EU that there is no point in leaving or we suffer a shuddering economic shock and a catastrophic fall in our global standing .

The Right Wing press accuses supporters of the EU of thinking the 17.4 million who voted Leave are stupid. I don’t, but I do think the 2016 referendum was stupid – cretinously so to the point of idiocy.

With unforgivable cynicism, Vote Leave refused to explain what Brexit would entail for fear of weakening its cause. Unlike the Irish government before the abortion referendum, the Cameron government did not spell out what Brexit would mean. We’re working out the meaning of Brexit after rather than before the referendum.

I still believe in the common sense of most (if not all) of my fellow citizens. Their tragedy is that by the time understanding dawns they will find that they have voted to lock themselves in a burning building and to throw away the key.