Brexit - The Well-Organised 'Blame Others' Campaign Begins, As Predicted

In advance of the economic chaos still to come, Brexiters are already ramping up the Blame Game. They know they have to pin the blame on others.

So they - and their allies in the media - blame the EU for being 'beastly' as well as fifth columnists at home for sabotaging Brexit. We have attacks on the Irish Prime Minister for being an “air head” and Philip Hammond for allegedly “killing the economy on purpose” to undermine Brexit.

We are at the beginning of a campaign to scapegoat others on a massive scale.

There is only one group to blame for all of this : Brexiters - and the incompetent Theresa May - are culpable for the whole of the mess that we find ourselves in.

Foot-dragging by the EU? No. Our minority PM has made procrastination an art form. 2 years - TWO YEARS - to produce a vague, incomplete White Paper, on a policy still not even agreed in Cabinet, let alone the nation.

Divorce talks before chatting about a new deal? Pfft. We got in this mess because May, under pressure from the Brexiters, triggered Article 50 without getting any concessions from the EU. She was warned that we would get “screwed”. Did she listen ? No. The EU's position on this was set in stone - and accepted - by the UK Government.

The Irish border? It was the whole Cabinet, including Boris Johnson, who signed a deal with the EU in December which included a promise to keep the border open. No solution has since been found. The mythical 'Hi-Tech Solution' has been busted by the fact that no Government Department has yet to even contact the tech companies who's names they've been bandying around.

There is no good Brexit on offer. Because there is no good Brexit.

The Brexiters promised we could have our cake and eat it. But we can’t.

They said the EU needs us more than we need it. But the EU hasn’t blinked.

The talks will end in either some variation of the prime minister’s humiliating rule-taker Brexit or the hardliners’ kamikaze one.

And at that point, the people must have the right to give their view on it.