British Fishing May Genuinely Be Worse Off After Brexit

UK Fishing Fleets are unlikely to gain from Brexit according to the Government. New Official Government White Paper states that Britain is planing no major changes to catch quotas.

Despite all the promises by Brexit'eers, the reality is starting to be revealed. It was a just another con to get your votes.

The White paper also confirms that under EU rules, the UK already has - and always has - possessed the power to alter the way quota is allocated, and if it wished could make more of the quota available to smaller vessels.

It chose not to, before, and it seems clear now it will make no change afterwards.

Critically, even after the Chequers Meeting, there is no clarity on where British Fishing will sell it's catch, or how, or with what tariffs. Our major market has always been the EU. What barriers will be put in place to this trade?

British Fishing may genuinely, be worse off after Brexit.

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