Caffe Nero - Profits - Millions. Corporation Tax - Nil

UK Coffee Chain Caffe Nero, with 613 stores in the UK and Ireland, paid ZERO Corporation Tax in the UK last year, despite ringing up profits of £25.5m on a 6.7% rise.

"Caffe Nero could not be reached for comment." Yeah, I bet.

Caffe Nero has not paid UK Corporation Tax since 2007. Much the same of course applies to Starbucks, Costa, and a horde of other very well known High Street names, as well as pop stars, football stars, newspaper barons and politicians.

They seem to think that as the 'elite', the tax burden falls only on others. As New York Hotels Heiress Leona Helmsley once said ...
Taxes ? Only the little people pay taxes.
At least she went to jail for it.

This is why the team at FRW - who generally do our best work in coffee shops -  boycott these chains and frequent our local Independent coffee houses. It's almost always better. You just can't promote an ethical, moralist stance if you don't live it, too.

Tax Avoidance is costing our nation (last estimate) £120 Billion a year. And recently the Tory Party voted down a Commons Bill that would have banned Party Donations from Tax Avoiders. Wonder why that might be ...