Deliver A Brexit ? Dominic Raab Can't Even Deliver A Printed Report

New Brexit Minister Dominic Raab on his third day in the position had ONE JOB today. Get a report printed, hand out to MPs, then make a statement.

For a man who is confident of delivering an extremely complex Brexit Agreement, his failure to do this one simple task today was abysmal.

He was updating the Commons on the government's new EU White Paper - but furious MPs said they had not yet seen it (even though the media had)  and therefore were unable to raise points or comment on the matter in the House.

Raab was even unable to deny - or at least avoided the question - that even Germany's Merkel had been given an advance copy.

As copies were rushed in to the Chamber and literally thrown around, Speaker John Bercow suspended proceedings for five minutes, saying it was "most regrettable".

Mr Raab later 'apologised' and said he would look into what went wrong - meaning, he'll blame his staff.