EXCLUSIVE - Senior NHS Official's Secret Life Of Hate

Let's talk about Mr Jason Smith, shall we ?

He seems to be a man of two lives. One official life, respectable, respected. The other - nasty, brutal, full of hatred, loathing, racism, homophobia - and much, much more.

On the surface, he's the Governor at the Bradford District Care NHS Foundation Trust, based in Saltaire, West Yorkshire, with oversight of how NHS services are run and delivered.

It's unclear whether he is an Elected, Staff or Appointed Governor, but in any of those cases - it's a pretty senior role in our prized Health Service.

Here's his personal biography :
"I have a keen interest in public health and wellbeing, and as I work for myself I am pleased that I will be able to contribute my spare time to being a governor. It is very important to me that people have an oversight of how NHS services are run and delivered. As well as my role as governor, I volunteer for several local charities and am an NHS Community Health Champion."
So, he's an NHS Governor, a 'Community Health Champion'. He's even a Trustee and Director of the Queensbury Community Programme, a local Bradford Charity. He's a local Councillor for the parish of Clayton .. and part of the local Police Liaison Group.

Sounds like a pretty decent guy, right ?

Work-wise, he's in the past described himself as a lecturer and philosopher, but we can find no record of him 'lecturing' at any educational establishment.

He "works full-time in a Finance Dept for an Bradford-based distribution company", but his alternative (pun intended) livelihood seems to be derived from various controversial therapies. He founded and ran a company called 'Trance-Form' which supplies hypnotherapy services, in particular, the unproven 'Meridian Therapies' including the pseudo-scientific 'Thought Field Therapy' and the now discredited 'Emotional Freedom Techniques' both of which appear to be holistic hokum at their worst.

Trance-Form has since folded - but he started up a new company, TransFixt, offering the same services.

Sure, it's nothing illegal, just taking the gullible for a ride. But seeing as he sells pure hokum as fact, it's no surprise that Jason Smith has been for a long time a key mover in the Ukip Party in Bradford.

And here's where it starts to get dark.

He's run as a Ukip Candidate in many elections, and was the Branch Chairman until resigning in 2016. But not before being involved in a Paid-Holiday-Exchange-For-Sex Scandal. His defence? "We all do it."

And of course, during the Brexit Campaign, as 'Leader' of the local (and now proven fraudulent) Leave.EU Campaign, he was key in spreading in local media all the myths since proven false.

Suddenly he's not looking like that 'upstanding citizen', right ?

Well, buckle up - we're just getting started.

Alarm bells started ringing back in April last year when Smith, now a local Ukip Councillor, started issuing on his social media various posts which slowly, bit by bit, started to include more extreme racist material. Local Conservative Simon Cook pulled him up on it.

And then there's his Twitter Account, @JasonSmithUkip - Don't bother looking for it, it's no longer there, and there's a good reason for that. This account went very extreme, dabbling in homophobia, racism, islamophobia, lies and myths, but you know, no more than most Ukip accounts we see.

We dug deeper. Down the rabbit hole we went.

The @JasonSmithUkip Twitter account disappeared, and in it's place at that moment came a new account, 'Daily Holograph', purporting to be a 'News Group' with a 'Senior Reporter', "combating the Orwellian globalist deep state." It suddenly appeared with 8000 followers, most of which were the same as those who followed Jason Smith.

The first clue as to who ran it was its first targets - it started off attacking local Bradford Conservative Simon Cook and the Bingley Tories - the very people who'd outed Jason Smith as an anti-Muslim bigot just previously. And its followers kept making the mistake of referring to Jason in tweets to Daily Holograph, clearly fully aware of who was behind the account.

Hence, we're pretty sure that Jason Smith of Ukip is Daily Holograph.

It's very hard to prove beyond all doubt that Jason Smith's removal of his personal account and the sudden pop up of the almost identically-followed Daily Holograph are 100% linked, without data from Twitter itself, and such data is confidential unless police forces demand information for crimes. But the evidence we've seen leads us to believe this is indeed the case.

One key point of evidence is this : posts in 2015 and in 2016 both addressed clearly to @JasonSmithUkip - which Twitter relogs, when viewed now, as replying to @DailyHolograph. Solid proof the original account was simply renamed.

Want more? Okay. The 'Daily Holograph' claimed on 23rd April 2018 that "not only did I Vote Leave but I led the Campaign in my area."

The Local Campaign was of course, led by Ukip's Jason Smith.

Update : In a telephone conversation this morning after Mr Smith finally returned our call, he conceded the account was his. We understand he will be issuing a further rebuttal to our story.

'The Daily Holograph' is very, very nasty indeed.

Protected (he thinks) by his new anonymity, Daily Holograph has gone full-on Neo Nazi.

At this point, just a reminder : Smith is an NHS Governor, a 'Community Health Champion' a Trustee and Director of a local Bradford Charity, and part of the local Police Liaison Group.

He RT's batshit-crazy Michelle Bachmann, dabbles in open Islamophobia, associates #LGBT with Paedophilia, openly and freely libels anyone in Labour and pushes the entire White Supremacist message on his account on the unmoderated Gab.ai network, the official page of the Extremist Far Right Movement.

He is of course, a massive fan and supporter of jailed Steven Yaxley-Lennon, aka Tommy Robinson, an Inciter of Far Right Terrorism (as described by UK's Head of Counter Terrorism)

The Daily Holograph on Gab.ai, the platform of choice for extremists.
Amusing when Fascists quote Orwell, who hated them so much he went to Spain to shoot them.

Particularly on his Gab.ai account, his posts are pure White Supremacy, far more extreme than anything he ever stated as a Branch Chairman or Candidate of Ukip. Of which he remains, of course, a loyal Party Member.

And he knows full well what he's doing. He even states that at any time he expects his Twitter account to be suspended, encouraging followers to join him on Gab - where he can really let rip.

And here's more : He speaks in Schools on the subject of Politics, having already spoken at Bradford Academy and Bradford Grammar School. How so ? Well possibly because his local council leader, close friend and former Ukip'er James Vasey is a Teacher, and recommended him to do so.

Vasey, who we spoke to today, said "Shocked is an understatement. I have never heard these views from Jason Smith even with campaigning alongside him on many occasions."

Mr Vasey actually resigned from Ukip after Islamophobic comments from Leadership contender Lisa Duffy, last year stating that "Lisa Duffy’s comments risk making Ukip end up as a mix between a poor man’s Donald Trump and Pegida.” In which case, for this stance, we think we can absolve Mr Vasey from any blame here.

We are very concerned than Jason Smith, with his rancid political views, is also listed as a School Speaker on SchoolSpeakers.co.uk, who this morning stated that they had "not as yet booked any speaking engagements for Mr Smith and would not condone any political views of an extremist nature."

It seems he's a man of two lives - his semi respectable prescence on YouTube, Facebook and LinkedIn .. and his racist alter-ego on Twitter and Gab.ai.

It's almost a Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde scenario.

Again, just a reminder : Smith is an NHS Governor, a 'Community Health Champion' a trustee of a local Bradford Charity, and part of the local Police Liaison Group.

We have attempted today to contact Mr Smith for his comments but he has not returned our calls.

In summary : The NHS has been kept alive by Immigration. It has a high proportion of immigrants working in it, and more than many other public sector bodies, it is multicultural to it's core.

We would hope that Bradford NHS Trust are unaware of Jason Smith's vile alter-ego and its racist views which surely run contra to the policies of any NHS Care Trust.

We would also hope that local schools and educational departments would not allow a person of such views to talk politics to children.

Jason Smith is unsuitable for any role in the NHS, in schools, or dealing with public, especially in Bradford, most of whom he seems to hate.

Mr Smith is free to challenge what we've posted, but we have loads more - and a folder cram full of screenshots.

Update : As of this morning the Daily Holograph account appears to have been pulled, literally 8 minutes after we attempted to contact Mr Jason Smith for his comments.

Update : Jason Smith has killed off his GAB account, too.

Update : In a telephone conversation today with Jason Smith when he finally returned our calls, Smith conceded the Social Media accounts were his, but stated that 'other's had access' to post on them.

He stated that he was disappointed in not having 'right of reply' before we published. We explained our attempts to contact him, that we had managed to contact everyone else involved in the matter successfully.

He accepted our offer of an email address to which he could post a rebuttal, from which we will, if it is source-based and factual, post excerpts here.