Fake Think-Tank Charity IEA Busted As Right Wing Brexit Group

A superb sting by Greenpeace, reported in The Guardian, has revealed damning secrets of the 'Think Tank' that Brexiters love to quote as a neutral, informed source.

Greenpeace were actually following up an anti-environmental funding lead in the sting, but got way more than they bargained for. The footage was gathered by Unearthed, an investigations unit set up by Greenpeace over concerns about the IEA using Brexit to lower environmental standards.

The director Mark Littlewood (often on our screens as an 'independent expert') was secretly recorded telling an undercover journo ...
... funders could get to know ministers on first-name terms and that his organisation was in “the Brexit influencing game”.
Littlewood was also recorded stating that donors could ...
... fund and shape “substantial content” of research commissioned by the thinktank and that its findings would always support the argument for free-trade deals.
Littlewood -
In short, pay them .. and they'll make their 'research' say whatever you want it to say.

IEA was established as "an educational charity." The Charity Commission, who are currently investigating the 'ThinkTank' clearly state that ...
... an organisation will not be charitable if its purposes are political.
Founded in 1955, the IEA describes itself as the UK’s original free-market thinktank. In the two years since the EU referendum, it has been a platform for those pushing for a clean-break Brexit.

In their 'defense', Littlewood claimed to have no access to ministers, but on the tape he states ...
The people running our international trade team are talking to [Gove] definitely once every three or four days ... along with David Davis, Boris Johnson, Liam Fox.
Even more damning, Littlewood freely admitted IEA will alter Research findings at will ... allowing donors to affect the “salience” of reports and to shape substantial content.
As reported on Zelo Street,
... the IEA enjoys charitable status, or it did first thing this morning: the Greenpeace report is being sent to the Charity Commission. Perhaps the Commission will also consider other politically motivated IEA behaviour, like attacking the HS2 project ...

... or, indeed, its urging abolition of the NHS ...
IEA became very influential in Thatcherism, and it's described as ...
the head of a network of similar UK organizations including the Atlas Economic Research Foundation and the International Policy Network.
Grimes - 'useful idiot'
Interestingly, IEA has just employed Darren Grimes.

Yes, that Darren Grimes, the Brexit 'useful idiot' that allowed his tiny campaign group 'BeLeave' to be fraudulently used by Vote Leave to channel illegal cash to AggregateIQ, the Data Arm of scandal-ridden Cambridge Analytica used by Vote Leave.

Grimes later fraudulently used a Crowdfunder to pay his £20,000 fine.