Far Right Watch on Twitter - Suspended, But Appealling

Statement from our Founder and Lead Moderator

You may have noticed that our Twitter Account has been suspended.

We were zapped after being mass-reported for our reaction to posts by famous Music Producer Mike Stock - yes, he of 'Stock Aitken and Waterman', about whom we posted and wrote last week.

In effect, we called Stock what he is. And in exposing his miriad hatreds, we were suspended for it. Well, hey, at least we got a night off. :-)

Stock reported us, as did various other Far Right accounts in which we suspect may have been an orchestrated campaign, in which key players were the many 'sock' accounts run by the infamous 'Mycroft', who has been banned (we think) 7 times from Twitter but still has four remaining accounts.

Here's the notification we received from Twitter:

As far as we can see, we called it as we saw it. Perhaps the 'C*nt' part was overkill (!) but we thought even that was valid, and not 'Hateful Conduct' as described by Twitter. Of course, one key point here is that Mike Stock has a 'blue tick'. He's a 'celeb', albeit from three decades ago.

We have appealed through the official channels but have yet to hear anything, being the weekend.

Meantime we'd like to thank everyone for your many messages of love and support for the work we do.

Far Right Watch shall be continuing our work using my personal Twitter account at @jdpoc - which will be a shock to those used to my more usual personal tweets about food and cycling :-)

Many came before us and we stand on their shoulders. We shall continue our work unabated, and fight to be heard wherever we are.