Farage's LBC Radio Show Faces Investigation By OfCom

UK Communications Regulator Ofcom has received dozens of complaints about the Farage interview with former Trump campaign, foul-mouthed Steve Bannon, BuzzFeed News reports.

An OfCom Spokesperson stated ...
We are assessing these complaints under our broadcasting rules, before deciding whether or not to investigate.
It is unlikely they will choose not to officially proceed.

Bannon's foul tirade was directed at the station's political editor, and LBC has to deal also with staff concerns over another ugly incident involving Farage ally Raheem Kassam, who was thrown out of the studio.

Raheem Kassam, former editor of Breitbart London, showed up in the newsroom without authorisation and complaining about the Bannon interview. Sources at LBC say the incidents are a "red-hot issue" among staff at the station, with one saying ...
Two colleagues have been abused and we're just sitting and waiting for management to take some action.
Audio of the tirade, which was played on LBC, features Farage telling Bannon that "everybody hates Tommy Robinson", while reminding him he "did break the law".

The former Trump strategist's meltdown was directed at LBC's political editor, Theo Usherwood, who had quizzed the former White House strategist about supporting Robinson.

This Nigel Farage's only woes at LBC - they've recently revealed they're cancelling his contract anyway.