Fighting Racism In Sport - The French Way

With the World Cup over once again after a worthy final, one notable factor in France's win - and also the exceptional performance of our England side - was the multi-racial, multi-faith nature of it's team.

In a land known for it's racist football violence and hatred, it was so good to see the World Cup pass with no real incidents (apart from the AntiSemitic English thug video'd 'Seig Heil'ing in a Volvograd pub). Prior to every single game, players merged for an official joint Anti-Racism Photo.

But France : It now represents the new nation far better than it once did.
  • 80% of it's team has Immigrant roots.
  • 50% of it's team are Muslims.
And perfectly summed up by the beautiful embroidery inside the shirts they wore :

"Nos Differences Nous Unissent"

"Our Differences Unite Us"