Fox News Host Turns on Trump's Sun Interview - A 'Ridiculous Mistake'

Noted Right Wing Fox News Host Laura Ingraham attacked (at 1:10) Trump on Friday for his controversial interview with the British tabloid The Sun.

Ingraham said that the interview, in which Trump railed against immigration in Europe and critiqued Prime Minister Theresa May and London Mayor Sadiq Khan, was a “ridiculous mistake.”
“If someone comes to our country, a foreign leader, and criticizes our president or our policies, we don’t much like that in the United States and I think Donald Trump doesn’t like that”
“When we had previous Mexican presidents doing that about our immigration, I know I hit him hard on the radio,” she added. “It doesn’t feel right. Going giving that interview to The Sun, it was a ridiculous mistake.”
Even Newt Gingrich - ever a Trump ass-licker - agreed that The Sun interview was a mistake and that Trump was probably “embarrassed” by the interview, but still praised Trump for other 'successes' (none that we could note) during his trip to the NATO summit the U.K.

Trump’s interview with The Sun sparked immediate backlash from British lawmakers, who called him a “racist” and accused him of disrespecting the country.

Trump of course, called the interview "fake news" and claimed The Sun did not quote him correctly - and then The Sun released an audio recording of the interview that supported their story.

Trump today is spending both US and UK cash on a two-day infomercial for his Gold Course.