Hoaxers InfoWars Planting Parliament Question via Tory MP - Who?

Conspiracy Theorists, Hoaxers and friends of Neo Nazis and the Klan, InfoWars have launched a 'Free Speech' Petition in the UK, upset over private companies and social media platforms applying 'the rules' and banning them.

It claims ... "Facebook, Google and Twitter are using algorithms to automatically clampdown on right-wing publications."

Well, gee, they're all private corporations that set rules and can do what they want, rightly or wrongly. Don't like it ? Go on Gab. Oh, wait, that's dying.


InfoWars is the creator and driving force of such classic hoaxes as ...

Infowars funds its activities by fraudulently selling 'vitamin supplements' with almost nothing of value in them.

Alex Jones of InfoWars is now being sued by the Families of those children murdered at the Sandy Hook Massacre, which he calls a 'Hollywood Hoax'. Many are stating his company may not survive the case, which is a slam-dunk.

Paul Watson
Third Rate Hoaxer
Meanwhile in the UK, Battersea basement dweller Paul Watson, the British end of Infowars (whose peak of journalism was his piece on 'XBox Can See Your Penis') whinged about being kicked off the mainstream social media channels.

Ironically, and with zero self-awareness, he said ...
Massive studies have proven that algorithms can shift millions of votes and change the outcome of national elections. This in itself is election meddling and should be illegal.
.. which is of course what the Trump 'win' and the Brexit Referendum Frauds were all about, both of which results Watson has since called 'Democratic.'

Watson also stated that he has - don't laugh, now - "plans to ‘take over’ Ukip.

Most intriguingly, they claim to have "approached Conservative politicians" in the UK and "arranged for an MP to ask a question in parliament" about the issue.

But it's this involvement of a 'Tory MP' that we're fascinated by. Who? WHO ??

We're just dying to know ...

Watson's 'career' in 'Journalism' peaked wit this 'Exclusive'