How Poles Helped Us Then, And How Brexit'ers See Them Now

The Battle of Britain began 78 years ago today.

During that epic encounter, 145 Polish fighter pilots came to England to fight "for your freedom and ours".

And how did we thank them, the ones that survived ? We welcomed many of them to stay, if they wished, and many did, marrying locally. We built a wonderful relationship with the Polish nation, forged in blood, and counted them amongst our friends.

What went wrong? The vile, hateful Brexit Rhetoric.

They were blamed, with others, for our own economic woes. They became, among others, the target of hatred - driven by #Brexit-driven media propaganda.

Poland, we salute you and apologise for some of our countrymen who seem to have no idea of 'Patriotism' other than it involves mainly hating others who are different.

This is what Patriots, and Heros, look like.