Islamophobia - Time For The Tories To Act, On Themselves

Former Conservative chair Baroness Sayeeda Warsi is right to call for an independent inquiry into what she calls the party’s ‘Muslim problem'.

One thing first here : We're not fans of Warsi. She has crept her way into power in a morally vacant Conservative Party without ever once being elected to anything, ever, at all, only ever 'appointed'. There is a strong suspicion from many that she has risen because she 'ticks the boxes' - female, muslim, immigrant background. Certainly her ever-upward momentum cannot ever be attributed to talent. However, she's spot on here, so we'll give her room at the table.

She has demanded that the Tories launch a full and independent inquiry into Islamophobia (or, as she put it, a “fuck the Muslims” tendency) within the party, echoing a call from the Muslim Council of Britain.

In addition to the countless Tory MPs, Councillors and Party activists caught posting Islamophobic Hate Speech on Social media, most damaging of all – because it was a matter of strategy, not just the  words of an individual – was the London mayoral campaign of Zac Goldsmith, referred to by top Tories as 'disgusting'.

It is true that accusations of bigotry can be 'weaponised' for political purposes, often hypocritically. We've seen this with the allegations of Anti-Semitism in Labour some justified, many not. We are pleased to see Labour dealing with this matter, albeit not at a great pace.

But exploitation of grievances for politics does not mean that those grievances are unfounded. When those of a minority group say there is a problem, the Party involved should listen up.

A superficial reckoning will not satisfy critics; And it will not solve the problem.