Italy - Race Attacks Double Amid Salvini’s Migrant Crackdown

Reported Racial Hatred attacks - including shootings and stabbings - are up 109% month-on-month since the Government of 'Populist' Five Star and Neo Fascist Party Lega Nord came to power. (La and Il Mattino)

And attacks are so commonplace now they're barely making the headlines.

Salvini - who has rebranded his Fascist Street Gang 'Lega Nord' as a National Party - has been consistently on a Migrant Hate Rhetoric before, during and since the Italian Elections.

This has paid off for him handsomely, as not only has he gained a foothold in Parliament, his foot soldiers are carrying out what he called for :
... a 'mass cleansing, street by street'.
Make no mistake with Salvini - He's an old-school Fascist, and so are his supporters.

You'd think Italy would remember. They hung the last Italian Fascist Leader upside down.