Leeds - Far Right Teen Terrorists Found Guilty

Two teenage boys, both 15, have been found guilty of plotting a Columbine-style shooting at a school in North Yorkshire. The boys planned to shoot and kill pupils and teachers at the school in Northallerton. They were jailed for 10 and 12 years respectively.

They "hero worshipped" Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold, who killed 13 people and themselves at Columbine High School in Colorado in 1999.

They kept a diary in which he espoused what prosecutors described as a "far-right wing ideology" and discussed motivations for wanting to carry out an attack.

The older of the two boys was also convicted of unlawful wounding after jurors heard he carved his name into his girlfriend's back.

Prosecutor Paul Greaney QC ...
They intended to shoot and kill other pupils and teachers against whom they held a grievance. They also, like their heroes, intended to deploy explosives and researched bombing-making techniques to that end.
This comes just a few days after National Action Terrorists were jailed in London, and Terrorist Jack Coulson was jailed in (again) Leeds.

The threat of Far Right Terrorism grows, constantly, and we need to wake up to it.

Who radicalises them? Ukip, For Britain, and Generation Identity and Tommy Robinson.

Seized items collected in preparation for the attack