London Pub Rebrands as 'Trump Arms'

From the 'Neatpour' Blog : Social media was not impressed when landlord Damien Smyth a devout Brexiter, explained to media that he came up with the idea to rename Hammersmith’s Jameson pub during an after-hours drinking session.

“I said ‘If the President is coming to town I’ll call it the Trump Arms’,” he told ABC. “And me mate said ‘If you call it the Trump Arms I’ll organize the party’”

His 'mate' is Patrick Sullivan, Head of a Right Wing, ProBrexit Think Tank. And a Party there is being promoted by Lucy Brown, former PA to Steven Yaxley-Lennon (aka Tommy Robinson) - until she was sacked for inviting a Muslim to a Free Speech Event.

Now that this landlord's support for a tax-dodging racist serial sex criminal is so clear, we look forward to seeing a drop in his local takings.