More Fraud In The 'Dead But Don't Know It' Britain First

Dodgy Belfast Councillor Jolene Bunting - with a long history of hatred and controversy - has been 'proscribed' by Britain First after being implicated in robbery and a cover-up involving misuse of 'Party' Leader Jayda Fransen's credit cards whilst the latter was in jail.

The party made an allegation against the Independent (no party will have her) Councillor last night and said that she has been ‘proscribed’ by Britain First.

Bunting said she will be taking legal advice and visiting Tennent Street Police Station this morning in relation to the charge. She has accused Britain First leader Paul Golding of blackmail ...
Things will become much clearer this afternoon, once I have met with Police at Tennent Street police station I will ‘GO-LIVE’ on my Facebook page to explain what exactly is going on.

The story in short is, the Leader of a so-called “Political Party” Britain First has tried to Blackmail myself and my partner, Wayne Cummings with allegations of accepting financial bribes & conspiracy to theft.
Britain First's allegation is that ...
... evidence was uncovered that implicated her - and her partner Wayne Cummings - in the theft of nearly £1,000 from the credit card of Britain First deputy leader Jayda Fransen.

Cllr Jolene Bunting and her partner Wayne tried to cover up the acts of theft to protect a personal friend from the city of Sunderland in the North East of England.

Britain First is in the process of handing the evidence to the Metropolitan Police/PSNI, along with witness statements to assist with a prosecution of those responsible.
Financial Fraud is a favourite hobby in the Far Right : Bunting is a wrong'un and always has been. She has been widely criticised by other Northern Ireland politicians and community groups, as well as Belfast Islamic Centre, since the beginning of the year due to her public support and links to far-right organisations, including Britain First and Generation Identity.

She's been involved in a string of controversial incidents in the past 12 months, and she's currently being investigated by Commissioner for Standards for her racist, sectarian and offensive Far Right social media posts after receiving more than 100 complaints ...
The Local Government Commissioner for Standards has received a number of complaints in relation to material posted on social media by a Jolene Bunting, Councillor from Belfast City Council.
Multiple City Hall sources have said she "will be disqualified” from standing in next year's Council Elections.

Meanwhile, this row comes ahead of a Britain First Meeting planned for Newtownards today, planned at the council-owned Ards Leisure Centre, despite the council saying that it doesn’t accept bookings from political parties at any of its leisure facilities - and it hasn't given permission.

Jolene Bunting in happier times with Britain First 'Leaders' Fransen and Golding