Wales - Nazi Arsonist and Graffiti 'Artist' Pleads Guilty To Nine Charges

Austin Ross pleaded guilty to swastika graffiti and arson charges in Newport today. Ross spray-painted swastikas around the city and set fire to buildings including a school and a church over the course of a month, admitted nine charges, including messages of support for Tommy Robinson, real name Stephen Yaxley-Lennon, who co-founded the EDL.

Attacks were carried out on the Riverfront Theatre, the Bethel Baptist Church, the Maindee Primary School (twice)the Gwent Probation Service, the University of South Wales Newport Campus and the Masonic Hall.

The charges read out in court noted his actions were based on Racism.

“A more sinister interpretation can be put on his behaviour because he has not explained his actions,” said Judge Rees. “It does make it difficult for anybody to second guess that there might be a background that could help explain this.

Ross will now appear in court on August 21 for sentencing.