USA - Republican Candidates or White Supremacists ? Actually, Both.

More White Nationalists are running for State or Federal Office than in any other election in modern history, according to the Southern Poverty Law Center.

Here's a brief over of a few, all Republicans of course.

John Fitzgerald, California, 11th Congressional District
Holocaust Denier.

Seth Grossman, New Jersey, 2nd Congressional District
Shares articles from prominent white nationalist websites.

Arthur Jones, Illinois, 3rd Congressional District
Jones is a former leader of the American Nazi Party.

Steve King, Iowa, 4th Congressional District
Retweets British neo-Nazis.

Paul Nehlen, Wisconsin, 1st Congressional District
Keeps a list of 'Jewish foes' on Twitter.

Corey Stewart, Virginia, U.S. Senate
Denies that Slavery was the catalyst for the Civil War.

Shiva Ayyadurai, Massachusetts, U.S. Senate
Issued campaign pins featuring white nationalist symbols, said “Hitler did nothing wrong.”

Edwin Duterte, California, 43rd Congressional District
Promotes his campaign through a Far Right Platform Gab.

Russell Walker, North Carolina, State House District 48
Said that “God is a racist and a white supremacist,”, whites are the “supreme group,” and that Jews are descendants of Satan.