Soon - No More Farage on LBC Radio

Nigel Farage's controversial show on London's LBC Radio has peaked (or troughed?) this week with his platforming of Steve Bannon, the White Supremacist who, in his own words, wants 'to let the grassroots turn on the Hate.'

Farage rarely has contrary voices on his show, preferring to take calls from his loyal fans, followers and acolytes. Well, good news, of a sort.

Commercial Radio Slot Bookers - the people who buy radio advert airtime - have to be kept fully informed about show and personnel changes, of course. And LBC have quietly confirmed to them that poor Nigel's current rolling contract 'will not be renewed'.

No doubt, Farage will do a 'Katie Hopkins' and try to spin it as 'moving on', 'time for a change' etc.

But the truth is - and Commercial Radio Slot Bookers track these things closely - the show ratings after the initial burst of hype have not matched expectations for either LBC or the Advertisers.

And any station has to keep the advertisers happy.

This will also please those who ceased listening to a station which has increasingly become known as Radio Ukip.

Update : This process may be accelerated by the fact that Farage's show is now facing Investigation by UK Communications Regulator OfCom.