Theresa May's Brexit Ultimatum To Tories, Summarised

Cartoon by Kap of La Vanguardia, Spain

PM May chose the Mail on Sunday (but of course she did) to deliver a seething Brexit ultimatum to her own Party Ministers and MPs, still to be sold on the benefits of her masterful new Brexit 'All Bells And Whistles Max Fac' Plan.

In among the faffle and platitudes, and to save you reading the Mail piece, here's a summary of what she said today :

  • It's her 'Third Way Plan' on Brexit or No Brexit At All.

  • Her plan is “practical and pragmatic” while the Hard Brexit preferred by opponents is “damaging and disorderly.”

  • A Hard Brexit would lead to "destruction of integrated supply chains and just-in-time processes on which jobs and livelihoods depend.”

  • Hard-line Brexiteers, she says, have yet to offer a “workable alternative” to her proposals.

It's all very John Major 'Back Me or Sack Me' for those of you mature enough in years to remember that.

And I hope we all remember how that ended up ...