Comedy - Ukip's 7-Times Defeated Farage 'Could Return' To UK Politics

And we actually find that quite amusing. It's tricky to 'return' when you were never elected.

After the departures of David Cameron, Boris Johnson and David Davis, at least one person guilty of the myriad of false promises and Brexit lies will be on stage at the denouement of this disaster.

Let's look at the state of the Ukip Party he seeks to re-inherit :

  • After March 2019 he'll no longer be an MEP and Ukip will no longer be able to use EU funding to illegally skim off the top.
  • Farage's (and others) salary and pension have both been lien'd in advance of the end of multiple EU OLAF Fraud Investigations.
  • His party, Ukip, has bounced around on the verge of financial ruin for two years, three times bailed out by last-minute cash donations from the very gullible but loyal followers.
  • Ukip's membership, which they proudly announced 'had risen by 1000s' recently has actually fallen. They forgot to state the numbers - 1063 new memberships (in June) ... but 1958 lapsed memberships the same month.
  • Ukip's polling is consistently at 2% to 3% with most polling organisations, with the exception of the Right-leaning YouGov.
  • Ukip lost 97% of their Councillors in the recent Local Elections.
  • Ukip's Group in the London Assembly (two) are barely heard of.
  • Ukip's Group in the Wales Senedd is in all kinds of chaos, including a demoted leader, an unsupported new one, and multiple instances of AMs being kicked out of the chamber.

Welcome back to the Disaster you created, Nigel. Now you'll be forced to own it.