Ukip's Jonathan Jennings Pleads Guilty - And More Charges To Come

Notorious Ukip Racist and Keyboard Warrior Jonathan Jennings has pleaded Guilty to numerous charges of posting threatening and offensive messages online with intent to stir up racial hatred against Muslims - and other messages relating to Labour Leader Jeremy Corbyn and murdered Labour MP Jo Cox.

Just one of hundreds of violent social media posts
Jennings appeared on a video link for a hearing at Swansea Crown Court, and has been remanded in custody for sentencing in August.

Six of the charges relate to publishing written material to stir up hatred, three of sending threatening electronic communications and one of sending an offensive message. There are still more charges being processed, many of them even more serious.

Just one of hundreds of violent social media posts
Jennings called for a "Burn A Muslim Day", said Muslims should be placed "on top of bonfires" and that Hitler "had been born 100 years too early". He also admitted advocating that EU remain campaigner Gina Miller should be "hunted down", personally volunteered himself to assassinate Jeremy Corbyn, and indeed, called for the murder of everyone who opposed Donald Trump.

Jennings, you will remember, was also the person who made violent death threats of a 'valid and credible nature' to our Far Right Watch founder and team members. This case is still in the hands of the Counter-Terrorism Force.

One of Jenning's very detailed 'valid and credible' death threats against us.

And another ...
He was also briefly famous as one of the notorious Ukip Plants on BBC's Question Time program, receiving VIP treatment - his words - an early entry, a reserved seat, and a guaranteed question from presenter David Dimbleby.

As one of many Ukip Plants on BBC's Question Time, Jennings received 'VIP Treatment'

His barrister, David Singh, said a psychologist had prepared a report on Jennings "which raised a number of concerns".

Gee. You don't say.