USA - 3000 Vile Facebook Posts By Far-Right Texas Bomber & Mosque Arsonist

Prosecutors in trial of man accused of attacking South Texas mosque offered 3,000 pages from his social-media page, spewing hate and organizing militias. He opened a secret Facebook group devoted to the plan. Then these wannabe militiamen began meeting in real life, making plans and shooting up cars to prepare themselves.

He talked about lobbing bombs into cars driven by Muslims.

He was arrested in early March 2017 for a car bombing that Perez considered that attack a “training mission.” Eventually he was charged with the arson when informants linked him to the crime and a search of his home turned up items taken in the burglary.

His trial in Houston began this week. In their opening statements, prosecutors presented some 3,000 pages of online content generated by a search of Perez’s Facebook account. It included his comments and messages to fellow militiamen, such as:
“I’ll burn every motherfucker with a towel on his head.”
Facebook has become a home for anti-Muslim hate in recent years, in large part because its standards are not rigorously or consistently applied.

In particular, the Far Right and White Supremacists have been permitted to openly publish material that clearly violates the platform’s community standards, as well as to organize their anti-Muslim activities using the platform.