USA - Baseball Star's Bigotry Comes To Light - Gets Standing Ovation

Milwaukee is a pretty working class city - 'blue collar' as they say. To understand how deep-rooted are racism and homophobia in USA, here is no better example.

Last week Milwaukee Brewer's Star Pitcher Josh Hader was busted when screenshots of his old tweets went viral, including one that read: “I hate gay people" and another that said "White power lol."

Hader said he did not remember writing the series of racist, sexist and homophobic tweets.

He did apologise, kinda, claiming his views are 'different now'. but many called him out on his insincerity.
I regret the mistakes I made in the past. That doesn’t resemble the person I am now. Those are not my beliefs at all. They were never my beliefs.
Major League Baseball have ordered Hader to undergo sensitivity training.

Meanwhile, what did the fans think ? He got a standing ovation on Saturday at his next game, on Saturday. Why ?

Some are claiming that the ovation was for his performance - except that he got it before he actually played.

Some are claiming that the ovation was for his 'reversal' but few are buying it. Most agree that the crowd were fully in support for Hader - but for which action ?

It's an interesting comparison to the NFL Players Kneeling Debate, where Trump is now demanding a Full Year Ban for anyone who protests the injustice of unarmed young black men being shot dead by police.

But racism and homophobia, shrugged off ? Seems the crowd loves it.