USA - Ben McDowell, Another Domestic Terrorist, Another Aryan Icon, Jailed

Benjamin McDowell, who was arrested in February 2017, pleaded Guilty on Wednesday to firearms charges in South Carolina. He was planning a Mass Shooting to start a Race War - but was arrested in an FBI sting before he could carry out his plan.

In one Facebook posting, McDowell expressed admiration for Dylan Roof, who murdered nine black worshippers at Charleston’s Emanuel AME Church in 2015, and wrote of his disdain for other “white warriors” who are only active on social media.
Planning for the real Victory and not just saying it but should want Bloodshed [sic] 2 crave it and be a fanatic for your white race
Icon of Aryan Perfection
McDowell reportedly became influenced by white supremacists and the Ku Klux Klan while previously serving an 18-month prison term for burglary.

He was diagnosed with schizoaffective and bipolar disorders, as well as having “very low” cognitive functioning and “significantly low” intellect.