USA - Bus Driver FIRED After Refusing Passenger ‘Because You're Black’

A Martha's Vineyard Bus Driver has been fired after first claiming his bus was full, then freely admitting he refused to allow the passenger on ...
Well, it’s because you are black.
The passenger, Kevin Brooks, who was trying to get to work said he was stunned: 
I am from the south. If I feel racism I deal with it. For the first time in my life I had to swallow it. I’ve never felt more disrespected or belittled in my life. I had trouble sleeping that night.
He called the Vineyard Transit Authority and reported the situation. The bus driver was fired after further review of the incident.

They stated :
Upon review of the onboard audio/video footage, it was determined the vehicle operator responded to the person’s inquiry by saying the bus was full, and when the person challenged this response, the operator stated ‘well, it’s because you are black.” We have a zero policy for this type of behavior.
Brooks said he might take legal action and reached out to the Massachusetts Commission Against Discrimination and a civil rights attorney.
The video shows everything, that’s all I’ll say. This isn’t over, I want to get this out there.
One wonders how this bus driver could possibly have thought this was acceptable, or that he could have got away with on camera. But with a racist in the White House, some feel their views are now validated. America is returning to Jim Crow.