USA - Florida Nazi Planned To 'Burn Down Condo Block With All The Jews'

A Florida Nazi, Walter Edward Stolper, was going to be evicted - so he planned to burn down the building and had one group, in particular, targeted.

Along with gasoline and some of the materials he planned to use to fan the flames, detectives found artifacts with swastikas and books of Nazi ideology inside his apartment.

On Thursday, police say Stolper told witness Luis Diaz that he was ...
going to burn down the building with all the f------ Jews ...
He planned to fill plastic containers with gasoline, pour the fuel down the building’s main line, and ignite the gas. He'd purchased two electrical fans to fan the flames and 'cause maximum amount of damage' and had also bought padlocks to place fire hoses.

Miami Beach Police :
His motivation appears to be triggered by an upcoming eviction and anger towards Jewish neighbors.